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Saplings were eaten.
  • Saplings were eaten.
  • Saplings were eaten.
  • Saplings were eaten.
  • Saplings were eaten.

Saplings were eaten.

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Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Pine usual. To use Mozhn in single landings. Will grow as a usual fir-tree piramidalno. It is possible to sit down through 3-4m. Height sapling from 0.8 to 1:8¼. Zazhentsa fir-trees are sold.

Root system the first 10 — 15 years rod, then superficial (the main root dies off). The tree is poorly wind-resistant, frequent vetrovalno.

Krone cone-shaped or pyramidal.

Branches are mutovchaty, horizontally open or hanging. In the first three — four years of lateral escapes do not give.

Bark gray, exfoliates thin plates.

Leaves acerate (needles), green, short, tetrahedral, are more rare flat, rigid and sharp, sometimes turned by the abaxial party up, with two Kiel on the top and lower party. Are located spiralno one by one, sit on sheet small pillows. (Six and more) years remain on escapes during several. Annually falls down to the one seventh part of needles. After a strong objedaniye of needles brush escapes — with very short and rigid needles, the brushes reminding on appearance arise some insects, for example, a butterfly nun.

Plants gymnospermous. Semyapochki is not imprisoned in an ovary, develop on plodushchy (seed) cheshuyakh, forming cones; microsporophyls are collected in man's cones, carry on the lower surface two — four microsporangium with pollen.

Female strobila develop on the ends of branches, forming small cones which after pollination (wind) expand and become povisly.

Man's strobila form the small ear rings consisting of a set of stamens with extended in length is longitudinal the revealing dvugnyozdy boots, settle down in needles bosoms on the ends of branches of previous year. Raise dust in May.

Cones are oblong and cylindrical, pointed, not scattered, fall down after maturing of seeds whole in the first year of fertilization. Mature cones trailing, dry, leathery or ligneous, up to 15 cm long, with a diameter of 3 — 4 cm. Cones consist of an axis on which are located numerous covering scales, and in their bosoms — seed scales on which top surface about 2 semyapochka supplied with a so-called false wing usually develop. Seeds ripen in October, are carried by wind. Do not lose viability of 8 — 10 years.

The beginning of fructification — from 10 to 60 years (depending on growth conditions).

Lives on average till 250 — 300 years (sometimes to 600).

Pure fir forests very dense, dense, dark. In fir groves often there is no underbrush. Fir-trees — photophilous trees and the best development reach at full solar lighting, but nevertheless their many types there are enough tenevynosliva not only in young, but also at mature age. Young fir-trees of some types happen even tenelyubiva.

Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 16.12.2018
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