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Apple-tree Champion's grade.
  • Apple-tree Champion's grade.
  • Apple-tree Champion's grade.

Apple-tree Champion's grade.

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Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Winter grade.

Grade of apples the champion (on a photo) is very widespread in Germany, Poland. It won recognition of consumers because of a peculiar taste of fruits. Fruits in color orange-red with striped, degradation of a flush on the main part of apple. As a rule, consumers are attracted by more painted fruits. Prices of these fruits rather high. The grade is high-yielding, rather high prices and simplicity of production made cultivation it very favorable.


Champion's (Sampion) apple-tree is considered as a grade of the Polish market, at least, in the European market of apples. Poland is the largest exporter of fruits of this grade in Europe. This tendency can remain and in the near future.

Features of a grade.
Grade of the Czech selectors. Golden Delishes about the Rennet Orange Cox is brought in 1970 by crossing of grades of apples. The apple-tree not tall, fructifies steadily from 3rd year, a vysokourozhayn, fruits (160-190 g) immunity to mealy dew, a scab — high. are stored up to 6 months.

The technology of cultivation of a grade of an apple-tree of the champion is quite simple. Trees begin to fructify after landing, yield an annual and plentiful harvest. To grow up well painted red fruits, it is necessary to normalize amount of colors and ovaries constantly. Otherwise in separate years problems with coloring of apples are possible. It can be avoided, carrying out preharvesting sprayings of leaves — two or three sprayings, phosphorus-containing solutions. On apples of this grade the bitter yamchatost very often appears.

It is possible to prevent development of a disease, using calcium in a phase of active growth of vegetative kidneys. Apples on young trees keep well. In several years fruits of a grade of Champion, as a rule, prematurely fall down, it occurs quite seldom since producers do not tighten harvesting time. The fruits collected too late are worse stored and gradually lose the best qualities.

Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 19.04.2021

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