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Apple-tree Donesht's grade.
  • Apple-tree Donesht's grade.

Apple-tree Donesht's grade.

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Brand:Власний сад.
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Summer grade.

DONEShTA (doneshta) - the fructifying tree. The Ukrainian grade of national selection, is most of all widespread in the Zhytomyr, Khmelnytskyi and Kiev regions. Trees are winter-hardy.

Fruits large (140 — 160 g), flat and roundish or roundish, with noticeable five edges, often asymmetrical, pale yellow. The pulp is yellowish and cream, average density, juicy. Taste good or vyshesrednny (4,2 points), marketability of fruits high.

Blossoms in average terms.

The best pollinators - a papirovka, Antonovka, Pepink golden, Borovinka.

Stability pritiv partsh and mealy dew average.

AT the SCRAP REMEMBER! A tree silnorosly, with roundish srednezagushchenny krone. Fructifies mainly on kolchatka. The grade demands the thinning-out cutting, rejuvenation of plodushka. I will eat fruits better to carry out in stages.

Brand:Власний сад.
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 20.05.2022

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