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Apple-tree grade Dzhonagold.
  • Apple-tree grade Dzhonagold.

Apple-tree grade Dzhonagold.

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Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Winter grade. Grade of the American selection. Winter hardiness is higher than average, firmness against a scab and mealy dew high. Enters fructification early. Fructifies very generously. Syem of fruits end of September. Coloring intensive-yellow with a bright red or orange-red flush. Taste is fragrant, excellent wine and sweet taste. Weight is 170-220 grams. Transportability is excellent.

Origin. Grade of the American selection. Johnathan and Golden Delishes is brought 1943 by crossing of grades. Distribution.: Since the beginning of the 70th years takes place primary, and from the middle of the 80th — broad production test in plantings of scientific institutions of the Forest-steppe and Steppe of Ukraine. On southern Polesia is tested mainly on frost-resistant skeletoobrazovatel. A tree silnorosly, with wide oval krone at young age and spherical — so-so zagushchenny — during full fructification. Skeletal branches depart from a trunk under a wide corner. Excitability of kidneys is more than average, pobegoobrazovatelny ability average. Fructifies on kolchatka, fruit twigs and a one-year gain. Winter hardiness is lower than average. Firmness against a scab average, against mealy dew — low. Blossoming and fructification. Blossoms in average terms. Triploid. Infructescence from free pollination — 9 — 21%. The best pollinators: Aydared, Gloucester, Johnathan, Elstar, Cox Oranzh Pepin, Champion. Skoroplodny, enters fructification for the third year after landing. In the conditions of Kyivshchyna productivity of five - seven-year trees makes 10 — 15, 10 — 12-year-old — 40 — 55 kg of fruits. Fruits are higher than the average sizes and big (160-170 grams), one-dimensional, roundish, chartreuse, with orange-red indistinct and striped rather bright flush on 2/3 surfaces. Skin of average thickness, dense, elastic, smooth and brilliant. The pulp is yellow, dense, juicy, excellent, very harmonious sweet-sour taste (4,6 points). Maturing and lezhkost. Removable ripeness comes at the end of September, consumer — in January. In storage fruits remain till January-February, in the refrigerator — till April. Transportability is high. Use: fresh, on production of branded juice, dry powders of the Note: in a quarter it is obligatory to place near 2 — 3 best pollinators.

Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 22.10.2021

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