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Apple-tree grade Gloucester.
  • Apple-tree grade Gloucester.

Apple-tree grade Gloucester.

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Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Winter grade.

Origin. Glokkenapfel and Richard Delishes is brought in 1951 in Germany by crossing of grades. Distribution. Passes primary and production test in plantings of scientific institutions and in some farms of gardeners in steppe and forest-steppe zones and in the south of Polesia of Ukraine. A tree strong and fast-growing, from a pyramidal or high-oval average zagushchennost krone. Skeletal branches depart from a trunk at an angle 45 — 60 °, the ends their directed up. Excitability of kidneys high, pobegoobrazovatelny ability is lower than average. Fructifies on kolchatka, fruit twigs. Winter hardiness and firmness against mealy dew high, against a scab — average. Blossoming and fructification. Blossoms in srednepozdny terms and a long time. In an inflorescence mainly 3 — 4 flowers. Viability of pollen — 32 — 80%. Infructescence from free pollination — 12 — 18%. The best pollinators (Aydared, Gala, James Griv, Johnathan, Spartan) provide infructescence of 22 — 26%. On a srednerosly stock of MM.106 enters fructification for the fourth year. Fructification is stable. On 10 — the 12th year after landing productivity makes 35 — 75 kg from a tree. On a dwarfish stock productivity In 3-5 kg / the village is formed for the third year. Fruits there are more average sizes (135-140 grams), okruglolo-conical shape, ridge, especially on a top, light yellow, with one-time red indistinct flush almost on all surface. Skin of average thickness, strong, elastic, smooth and brilliant. The pulp is light-cream, dense, gentle, juicy, pleasant sweet-sour taste (4,4 — 4,5 points). Maturing and lezhkost. Removable ripeness comes at the end of September, consumer — in January. In storage fruits remain till February, in the refrigerator — till April. Transportability is high. Use: fresh. Notes: realizes productivity potential on dwarfish stocks more effectively.

Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 19.04.2021

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