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Apple-tree grade Ligol.
  • Apple-tree grade Ligol.

Apple-tree grade Ligol.

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Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Winter grade.

Ligol (Ligol) is received in 1972 at Institute of gardening and floriculture in Skernevitsa from crossing of grades Linda and Golden Delishes. Now, according to A. V, Melnik (1995), Aydared is the strong contender. Therefore it is widely advertized and advanced in industrial plantings, first of all — on the homeland (in Poland). A tree srednerosly, with the shirokopiramidalny srednezagushchenny krone suitable for spindle-shaped formations. Winter hardiness is higher than average, resistance to a scab and mealy dew high, to a bacterial burn — a nichzha of average. Blossoms in average terms. Samobezplidny grade. Well forms an ovary at pollination by pollen Aydared, Gloucester, Spartan, Champion. Enters fructification early. Fructifies very plentifully. According to the Polish researchers (Ugolik M. and other., 1995), its harvest on M 26 according to the scheme of landing 4 x 2,5 m for the third year of growth in a garden makes the 17,6, sixth — 51,3 t/hectare. Total productivity for the first four years of fructification reached 124,8 t/hectare. In similar planting of a high-performance grade Dzhonagold a harvest made respectively 11,2; 47,1 and 85,6 t/hectare. Ligol is inclined to frequency of fructification. Therefore still young trees need thinning of an ovary and summer, cutting. Fruits are large, one-dimensional, rounded cone-shaped, with a ridge top, chartreuse and intensive red karminovym honor with an indistinct flush on all surface. Thin skin of average thickness, dense, smooth, brilliant. The pulp is cream, dense, fine-grained, juicy fragrant, excellent sourish and sweet taste. The removable maturity comes at the end of September. Are stored in the refrigerator till 6 months. Ice the storage time is possible defeat by bitter hypodermic spottiness and suntan of a thin skin. In Ukraine Ligol test since 1995 in collection plantings. For such short period, for example, in southern Polesia is noticed sufficient winter hardiness of a grade, resistance to mushroom diseases, a skoroplodnost, high commodity and tastes of fruits. However behind a lezhkost they considerably concede to apples Aydared.

Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 19.04.2021

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