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Apple-tree grade Spartan.
  • Apple-tree grade Spartan.

Apple-tree grade Spartan.

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Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Uganda
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Winter grade.

Grade of the Canadian origin with fruits of winter maturing. Mekintosh x Yellow Newtown is received in 1926 at experimental station in Sammerlenda from crossing. It is zoned.

Trees of moderate growth, with roundish krone and, as a rule, the evaded central conductor. Fructification is concentrated, generally on kolchatka.

Escapes are cranked, dark and cherry, with strong omission. Leaves of the average size or small, dark green, leathery, brilliant, wide, almost roundish in section, with the small, spirally twisted tip and the heart-shaped basis. The leaf surface silnomorshchinisty, a plate is bent in the basis. The top leaves have pilchato-gorodchaty sheet edges, with the smoothed tips of teeth, slightly raised. A scape average on length, thin, with antotsianovy coloring, with small crescent stipules. Kidneys are small, conic, pressed.
Coevals in nursery small, with sbezhisty, strongly trimmed stvoliky, dark and cherry bark, without lateral branchings.

Fruits (fig.) of the average size, uploshchenno-roundish or rounded conic, slaborebristy to top. The main coloring light yellow, integumentary occupies almost all surface of a fruit, - an intensive claret-red flush. The strong gray wax raid gives to fruits a type of violet. The fruit stem at the central fruits small, thick, at the others - is thinner and longer. The funnel is superficial. The saucer is small, folded, often is not painted, remains chartreuse. The cup is small, closed, with densely close conic chashelistika, it is located in a little hilly saucer of the average size. A heart of fruits of a bulbous form, small, with the small seed chambers slightly open in the lower part in an axial cavity. Subcup tube conic.
The pulp is white, dense, juicy, sweet, without sour smack, fragrant, good taste. Chemical composition of fruits: the sum of sugars - 10,6%, titrable acids - 0,32%, ascorbic acid - 4,6 mg / 100г, R-active agents - 160,2 mg / 100г, pectinaceous substances - 11,1%.
I will eat fruits in the conditions of the Oryol region comes at the end of September.
Fruits strongly keep on a tree and are not showered when maturing. In the refrigerator fruits can remain till March-April.
The grade differs in a high skoroplodnost and good productivity, is insufficiently winter-hardy in the central regions of the Midland of Russia, is steady against a scab.

Grade advantages: skoroplodnost, productivity, resistance to a scab, high tastes of fruits, long lezhkost of fruits.

Grade shortcomings: insufficient winter hardiness of a tree, a melchaniye of fruits with age a tree and at insufficiently careful cutting.

Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Uganda
Information is up-to-date: 19.04.2021

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