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Apple-tree Sapphire's grade.
  • Apple-tree Sapphire's grade.

Apple-tree Sapphire's grade.

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Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Late winter grade.

The grade Sapphire is removed as a result of crossing of a hybrid form 654 (Boyken x Kalvil snow) with a grade Simirenko's Rennet at Mliyevsky experimental station of gardening of L. P. Simirenko by it selectors M. N. Nikonenko, V. Ya. Chuprinyuk and I. V. Neporozhnim.
Fruits of a grade of Sapphire big, weighing 145-190 g, one-dimensional, rounded conic or ploskookrugly, with widely ridge top. A skin smooth and brilliant, light green, with an indistinct light-crimson flush on sunny side.
Pulp at Sapphire's grade white, with a greenish shade, dense, gentle, fine-grained, good sweetish and sour taste.
It is recommended for cultivation in zones of Polesia and the Forest-steppe.
Maturing term: winter.
Tree of a grade of Sapphire srednerosly, with ploskookrugly, srednezagushchenny krone. Fructifies mainly on kolchatka and plodukha; under favorable conditions inclined to laying of fetal kidneys on one-year prirosta.
Sapphire in average terms blossoms. The best pollinators: Aydared, Askolda.
Scab and mealy dew a grade Sapphire is surprised poorly, winter hardiness is high.
Film-making ripeness of fruits comes in the first half of October, consumer - in December, are well stored in refrigerators till June.
Sapling of an apple-tree of Sapphire with the closed root system.
The sapling from 140 to 180 cm high imparted on a stock 54-118 with powerful root system.

54-118 - it is a semi-dwarfish clonal stock of an apple-tree.
The stock 54-118 Russian selections, is received when crossing a paradizka of Budagovsky (PB9) x hybrid 13-14, the selector V. I. Budagovsky. In the State register of plant varieties it is entered in 1984.
It is suitable for cultivation in all climatic zones of Ukraine.
Drought resistance and winter hardiness of a stock 54-118 - high.
Trees on a stock 54-118 enter fructification very much early (for the 3-5th year after landing). Are characterized by high productivity, high quality of root system and resistance to extreme conditions of cultivation. Trees on a stock 54-118 reach height of 3-4 m and do not demand a support.
Duration of the period of operation of a garden on a stock of 54-118 28-35 years!!!

Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 19.04.2021

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