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Cherry grade Toy.
  • Cherry grade Toy.

Cherry grade Toy.

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Average term of maturing.

The grade is removed at Institute of the irrigated gardening of M. F. Sidorenko of UAAN from crossing of cherry Lyubskaya and sweet cherries the Solar sphere. Selectors: V. A. Turovtseva and N. I. Turovtsev. It is entered into the State register since 1996 across North Caucasus region. A tree silnorosly, with spherical krone. Bark on a shtamba and boughs shelled, gray. Escapes are thick, direct, brown-brown. Numerous chechevichka large, gray. Leaves are large, wide, ovoid, dark green, smooth. The plate of a leaf is bent by the boat and unbent down. The leaf top pointed the basis round. The sheet edge is pilchato-gear. Stipules are short, silnorassechenny, ranoopadayushchy. The scape is short, thick, pigmented. Pieces of iron are large, roundish, painted, located on 2-3. Flowers double and threefold, large, white. In 100 fruit kidneys there are 284 buds. Fructifies on buketny branches and a one-year gain. Fruits are large, one-dimensional, rounded heart-shaped, with roundish top, the basis with deepening, a pole small, narrow, a belly seam small, hardly noticeable. The average mass of a fruit is 8,5 g. The fruit stem of average length, thick, well separates from a branch, an attachment to a stone fragile. Coloring of a fruit dark red. The thin skin, easily separates from pulp. Pulp dark red, gentle, juicy. Juice red. The stone is average, roundish, free. Taste is sweet-sour. Fruits contain 17,4% of solids, 10,9% of sugars, 1,51% of acids. Tasting assessment of 4,5 points, universal appointment. The grade is self-fruitless. The best pollinators - the Minx, Samsonovka and grades of sweet cherry Valery Chkalov, Large-fruited, Franz Joseph. The imparted trees enter fructification for the 3rd year after landing in a garden. In the conditions of Melitopol fruits ripen on June 28-30. Average productivity from 10-year trees - 45 kg, maximum - 72,1 kg. The grade is drought-resistant. Winter hardiness is average. Trees transfer frosts to minus 25,1 °C without visible damages, but death of flowers in kidneys reaches 86,4%.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 31.07.2021

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