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Plum grade the Kabardian early.
  • Plum grade the Kabardian early.

Plum grade the Kabardian early.

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Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Early term of maturing.

Plum Kabardian Early the grade of the Russian selection is received as a seedling of free pollination of a grade Anna Shpet. The grade of plum of early maturing, is characterized by low winter hardiness, is steady against perforated spottiness and gray fruit decay, is rather steady against red spottiness and fruit decay. The krone is pyramidal, squeezed, rare to 3kh meters in the diameter. Urozhaynsot high, but because of a podmerzaniye cannot byl it is completely realized. The self-fertile grade does not need pollinators.

Kabarlinskaya's plums early the large size of 40-50 grams, in separate years meet accrete fruits weighing up to 70 grams. Fruit form the correct wide oval. The thin skin is brown-purple, rigid, it is covered with gray specks and a pale violet wax raid. Pulp greenish-yellow very juicy and pleasant. Taste very good with pleasant sourness, 4,5-4,9 points, spoils a zhetsky and sour skin a little. In severe droughts or cool weather during maturing fruits very much lose at tastes, sugar content and aroma decreases. Content of solids: 17,8, Sakhar:12,2, acid 0,67, Vitamin C 19,4.

On frost resistance strongly concedes to Anna Shpet, Hungarian Italyenskaya, the Hungarian Donetsk, the Hungarian Donetsk Early. Fruits are used fresh, for izgotovleniyavysokokachestvenny products of processing. Transportability is good.

Brand:Власний сад
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 02.07.2022

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