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Rootstocks of trees

Stock Cherry plum
Not available 
Group: Rootstocks
MM-106 stock.
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3.5 UAH
Srednerosly stock for an apple - tree. Also there is a stock for an apricot. You watch please the catalog of goods. The stock is a plant to which develop a shank or a bud of another, imparted plant or a grade. In the world there is a large number of the known stocks for an apple - tree. Vegetative...
Group: Rootstock for apple trees
Stock for an apricot.
Not available 
Group: Apricot rootstocks
Stock pumiselekt.
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Price from:
  • 2.8 UAH/pcs  - from 1000 pcs
We realize PODVOY: PUMISELEKT it is compatible with абрикосом, персиком, нектарином, сливой. Карлик demands a support. Saplings on it a stock enter fructification on 2 - 3god and even in a year of landing (a peach, a nectarine) Stock height the 60 - 100th. For a summer okulirovka. Thickness at the...
Group: Rootstocks
Stock almonds.
Not available 
Group: Rootstocks
Peach rootstocks
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Group: Peach rootstocks
Cherry rootstocks
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Group: Cherry rootstocks


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